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Vol. 15, 2018:

The Dynamics and Control of Indoor Air Pollution in Repositories without Mechanical Ventilation for Cultural Heritage Collections. A Literature Review
Review paper
Pages 17-28
Signe Hjerrild Smedemark
PDF (578 kB)

Response of Lead Deposited on Glass to Acetic Acid Exposure,
with Potential for its Application as an Acetic Acid Dosimeter/Sensor

Full paper
Pages 9-16
Terje Grøntoft, Estefani Marchiori, Marianne Odlyha
PDF (3344 kB)

Characterisation of Colourants on a 15th Century Armenian Manuscript by Means of Different Spectroscopic Techniques
Full paper
Pages 1-8
Yeghis Keheyan, Maurizio Aceto, Elisa Cala, Monica Gulmini, Ambra Idone
PDF (2310 kB)

Vol. 14, 2017:

Investigating Oil Binder Absorption Into Paper Supports With Ultraviolet-Induced Visible Fluorescence and Ultraviolet Reflectance Photography
Full paper
Pages 1-8
Penelope Banou, Agathi Anthoula Kaminari, Athena Alexopoulou, Brian W. Singer
PDF (404 kB)

Vol. 13, 2016:

Curly Malachite on Archaeological Bronze: A Systematic Study of the Shape
and Phenomenological Approach of its Formation Mechanism

Technical Paper
Pages 23-32

Janneke Nienhuis, Luc Robbiola, Roberta Giuliani, Ineke Joosten, Hans Huisman,
Bertil van Os, Jilt Sietsma

PDF (516 kB)

Two László Moholy-Nagy Paintings on Trolit:
Insights Into the Condition of an Early Cellulose Nitrate Plastic

Full Paper
Pages 15-22

Johanna Salvant, Ken Sutherland, Julie Barten, Carol Stringari, Francesca Casadio, Marc Walton
PDF (784 kB)

Monitoring Dynamic Moisture Gradients in Wood
Using Inserted Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Full paper
Pages 7-14
Charlotta Bylund Melin, Tobias Gebäck, Alexei Heintz, Jonny Bjurman
PDF (740 kB)

Infrared Technical Photography for Art Eximination
Technical Paper
Pages 1-6
Antonino Cosentino
PDF (573 kB)

Vol. 12, 2015:

Evaluation of Solid-Phase Microextraction On-Fiber Derivatization for The Analysis of Paper Degradation Compounds
Scientific Paper
Pages 38-49
Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Olivier Ramalho, Céline Egasse, Sylvie Thao-Heu, Anne-Laurence Dupont
PDF (473 kB)

Reduction of Acidic Pollutant Gases Inside Showcases by the Use of Activated Carbon Adsorbers
Scientific Paper
Pages 28-37
Terje Grøntoft, Paul Lankester, David Thickett
PDF (761 kB)

Local Cleaning With the Pleco Electrolytic Pencil of the Tarnished Saint Candide Reliquary Head at the Treasury of Saint-Maurice Abbey, Valais (Switzerland)
Technical Paper
Pages 20-27
Christian Degrigny, Romain Jeanneret, Denise Witschard
PDF (664 kB)

Investigation of Ultrafast Picosecond Laser System for Cleaning of Metal Decorations of 17th C. Gloves of King Charles I
Scientific Paper
Pages 14-19
Abdelrazek Elnaggar, Paul Fitzsimons, Austin Nevin, Iacopo Osticioli, Mona Ali, Kenneth Watkins

PDF (658 kB)

A Note on Characterization of the Cochineal Dyestuff on Wool Using Microspectrophotometry
Scientific Paper
Pages 8-14
Kathryn M. Morales, Barbara H. Berrie
PDF (413 kB)

Multispectral Imaging of Pigments With a Digital Camera and 12 Interferential Filters
Technical Paper
Pages 1-7
Antonino Cosentino
PDF (658 kB)

Vol. 11, 2014:

UV-Vis Reflectance Spectrometry Study of the Dyed Silks in a Relic Shrine Found in Antwerp, Belgium
Full Paper
Pages 99-104
André Verhecken, Patrick Storme, Olivier Schalm
PDF (492 kB)

Photoshop and Multispectral Imaging for Art Documentation
Technical Paper
Pages 90-98

Antonino Cosentino, Samantha Stout
PDF (1130 kB)

Flavonoid dyes detected in historical textiles from Romanian collections
Scientific Paper
Pages 84-90
Irina Petroviciu, Ileana Creţu, Ina Vanden Berghe, Jan Wouters, Andrei  Medvedovici, Florin Albu
PDF (285 kB)

Characterization of binding media in Egyptian Romano portraits using enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay and mass spectrometry
Scientific Paper
Pages 76-83
Joy Mazurek, Marie Svoboda, Jeffrey Maish, Kazuki Kawahara, Shunsuke Fukakusa, Takashi Nakazawa, Yoko Taniguchi
PDF (563 kB)

Preliminary investigation of the chemical composition of European lacquers using pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Scientific Paper
Pages 64-75
Steven Saverwyns, Marc Vermeulen, Emile van Binnebeke
PDF (759 kB)

New insights into molecular evolution of oil/colophony varnishes:
towards pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry-based quantitation

Scientific Paper
Pages 53-63
Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Sylvie Gomes, Sophie Tirat, Sylvie Thao-Heu,
Jean-Philippe Echard

PDF (333 kB)

Accelerated tobacco smoke staining on waterborne acrylic paintings caused by exuding surfactants: a study with py-GC/MS and THM-GC/MS
Scientific Paper
Pages 47-53
Wim Fremout, Marieke Verboven, Steven Saverwyns
PDF (366 kB)

A colloidal description of tempera and oil paints, based on a case study of Arnold Böcklin’s painting Villa am Meer II (1865)
Scientific Paper
Pages 29-46
Patrick Dietemann, Wibke Neugebauer, Luise Lutz, Cedric Beil, Irene Fiedler, Ursula Baumer
PDF (1298 kB)

VOC Emissions From Canvas and Acetic Acid Deposition to Canvas and Glass
Scientific Paper
Pages 22-28
Terje Grøntoft, Norbert Schmidbauer, Armin Wisthaler, Tomas Mikoviny, Philipp Eichler, Markus Müller, Stephen Hackney, Anne Sommer Larsen
PDF (255 kB)

An Investigation of Weighted and Degraded Silks by Complementary Microscopy Techniques
Scientific Paper
Pages 15-21

Paul Garside, Graham A. Mills, James R. Smith, Paul Wyeth
PDF (565 kB)

PB15 as 20th and 21st Artists’ Pigments: Conservation Concerns
Review Paper
Pages 6-14

Catherine Defeyt, David Strivay
PDF (239 kB)

Linear, power or exponential:
How does relative humidity affect the rate of degradation of cellulose?

Review Paper
Pages 1-5

Barry Knight
PDF (99 kB)

Vol. 10, 2013:

Alkanna tinctoria (L.) Tausch as Purple Dye in the Recipes of Papyrus Holmiensis and Papyrus Leidensis X
Technical Paper
Pages 123-130

Christina Kreuzner
PDF (558 kB)

Indoor Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration in Two Museums of the São Paulo Megacity - Brazil
Scientific Paper
Pages 114-122

Andrea Cavicchioli, Ravi Orsini Camargo de Souza, Guilherme Ranieri Reis, Adalgiza Fornaro
PDF (400 kB)

Stable Isotope Analysis (13C and 18O) as a Tool to Investigate Particulate Matter in Historic Libraries)
Scientific Paper
Pages 109-113

Dafni Kyropoulou, Elissavet Dotsika
PDF (400 kB)

The Rock Hewn Wall Paintings in Cappadoccia (Turkey). Characterization of the Constituent Materials and a Chronological Overview
Technical Paper
Pages 99-108

Claudia Pelosi, Giorgia Agresti, Maria Andaloro, Pietro Baraldi, Paola Pogliani, Ulderico Santamaria
PDF (901 kB)

Κόμαρι: Some Hypotheses on an Enigmatic Dyestuff Described in Certain Recipes of Greek Alchemical Papyri
Scientific Paper
Pages 90-98

Ma Julia Martínez García, Marta E. Martínez Armero
PDF (576 kB)

Analysis of protoberberines in historical textiles: determining the provenance of easy Asian textiles by analysis of Phellodendron
Scientific Paper
Pages 83-89

Yoshiko Sasaki, Ken Sasaki
PDF (449 kB)

The influence of air exchange on the stability of the indoor climate in Skokloster castle
Scientific Paper
Pages 77-82

Andrea Luciani, Magnus Wessberg, Tor Broström
PDF (567 kB)

Silver nanofilm sensors for assessing Daguerreotype housing materials in an Oddy test setup
Scientific Paper
Pages 71-76

Robyn E. Hodgkins, Silvia A. Centeno, Joseph A. Bamberger, Masahiko Tsukada, Alejandro Schrott
PDF (382 kB)

FTIR and PY-GC/MS investigation of archaeological amber objects from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Scientific Paper
Pages 66-70

Herant Khanjian, Michael Schilling, Jeff Maish
PDF (264 kB)

Conste de Verviers: A Flemish dyeing manuscript from Leuven, 1619-1623
Scientific Paper
Pages 59-65

André Verhecken
PDF (86 kB)

Unravelling the colour palette: the reconstruction and analysis of synthetic colour stains
Scientific Paper
Pages  50-58

Maarten van Bommel, Enrica Fantini 
PDF (1076 kB)

Caring for Queen Vistoria's Privy Council Dress c. 1837: an Investigation of the Unique Discolouration of the Black Silk
Scientific Paper
Pages  42-49

Mika Takami, Ina Vanden Berghe
PDF (668 kB)

The The IRUG Raman Spectral Web Database: Objectives, Progress and Plans
Pages  38-41

Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Beth A. Price, Andrew Lins, Charles Davis, Boris Pretzel, Marcello Picollo, Gabriel Richards, Steve Rice
PDF (54 kB)

Decomposition and Analysis of Carthamin in Safflower-dyed Textiles
Short Communication
Pages  35-37

Richard Laursen, Chika Mouri
PDF (165 kB)

Microscopic and Chromatographic Analyses of Molluskan Purple Yarns in a Late Roman Period Textile
Scientific Paper
Pages  27-34

Zvi Koren, Chris Verhecken-Lammens
PDF (741 kB)

Beyond the Eye-sight: The Puzzle of a Japanese Manchira
Scientific Paper
Pages  19-26

Ilaria Degano, Licia Triolo, Susanna Conti
PDF (510 kB)

A Preliminary FTIR-based Exploration of the Surfactant Phase Separation Process in Contemporary Mural Paintings
Scientific Paper
Pages  10-18

Marta Melchiorre Di Crescenzo, Elisabetta Zendri, Francesca Rossi, Costanza Milliani
PDF (443 kB)

Synchrotron-based Imaging FTIR Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Painting Cross-sections
Scientific Paper
Pages  1-9

Catherine Schmidt Patterson, David Carson, Alan Phenix, Herant Khanjian, Karen Trentelman, Jennifer Mass, Carol Hirschmugl
PDF (640 kB)

Vol. 9, 2012:

Damage Ranking in Historical Parchments: From Microscopic Study to Collagen Denaturation Assessment by Micro DSC
Scientific Paper
Pages  97-109

Elena Badea, Dorte V. Poulsen Sommer, Kathleen Mühlen Axelsson, René Larsen, Alexandra Kurysheva, Lucreţia Miu, Giuseppe Della Gatta
PDF (330 kB)

A Discussion on the Red Anthraquinone Dyes Detected in Historic Textiles from Romanian Collection
Scientific Paper
Pages 90-96

Irina Petroviciu, Ileana Creƫu, Ina Vanden Berghe, Jan Wouters, Andrei Medvedovici, Florin Albu, Doina Creanga
PDF (287 kB)

Thermographic Analysis of Cultural Heritage: Recent Applications and Perspectives
Pages  84-89

Fulvio Mercuri, Noemi Orazi, Ugo Zammit, Stefano Paoloni, Massimo Marinelli, Pier Paolo Valentini
PDF (341 kB)

Removal of a Synthetic Soiling Mixture on Mastic, Shellac & Laropal® K80 Coatings Using Two Hydrogels
Scientific Paper
Pages  72-83

Panagiotis Galatis, Stamatis Boyatzis, Charis Theodorakopoulos
PDF (434 kB)

Standardized Assessment of Cultural Heritage Environments by Electrical Resistance Measurements
Scientific Paper
Pages  67-71

Michel Dubus, Tomas Prosek
PDF (259 kB)

Humidity Sensitivity of Inkjet Prints
Scientific Paper
Pages  60-66

Anna L. Fricker, Alan Hodgson, Joyce H. Townsend, Chris Woods
PDF (283 kB)

Characterisation of Laser-induced Physical Alterations of Pigmented Oil Layers
Scientific Paper
Pages  47-59

Rui Bordalo, Paulo J. Morais, Christina R.T. Young, Luís F. Santos, Rui M. Almeida
PDF (4.90 MB)

Performance Evaluation for Museum Enclosures. Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation of Pollutant Impact on Objects in Museum Enclosures
Scientific Paper
Pages 36-46  

Terje Grøntoft
PDF (810 kB)

Towards the standardization of moisture content measurements in cultural heritage materials
Pages  23-35

Dario Camuffo, Chiara Bertolin
PDF (277 kB)

Data Mining Analysis over a Database of Materials of Portuguese Paintings from the 15th and 16th Centuries
Technical Paper
Pages  17-22

Vanessa H. Antunes, Orlando Anunciação, António Candeias, Ana Isabel Seruya
PDF (60 kB)

Preliminary Investigation into Two New Acrylic Emulsion Paint Formulations: W&N Artists' Acrylic Colours and Golden Open Acrylics
Scientific Paper
Pages  9-16

Bronwyn Ormsby, Robyn Hodgkins, Nelly von Aderkas
PDF (177 kB)

Micro-Raman Characterisation of Silver Corrosion Products: Instrumental Set Up and Reference Database
Technical Paper
Pages 1-8

Irene Martina, Rita Wiesinger, Dubravka Jembrih-Simbürger, Manfred Schreiner
PDF (264 kB)

Vol. 8, 2011:

Another Base, Another Solvent? Desalinating Iron Finds with Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide Solution
Scientific Paper
Pages 81-85

Charlotte Friederike Kuhn, Christian Heinrich Wunderlich, Gerhard Eggert, Thomas Schleid
PDF (285 kB)

An Improved Ion Chromatography Methods for Analysis of Acetic and Formic Acid Vapours
Technical Paper
Pages 74-80

Robyn E. Hodgkins, Cecily M. Grzywacz, Robin L. Garrell
PDF (99 kB)

Use of Near IR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics to Assess the Tensile Strength of Historic Silk
Scientific Paper
Pages 68-73

Paul Garside, Paul Wyeth, Xiaomei Zhang
PDF (971 kB)

Differences and Similarities in the Materials and Techniques of Medieval Mural Painting in the Coastal Region of Slovenia
Scientific Paper
Pages 62-67

Anabelle Križnar, Antonio Ruíz-Conde, Pedro José. Sánchez-Soto
PDF (394 kB)

Non-destructive Evaluation of Historic Textiles by Compression Measurement Using the "Kawabata Evaluation System (KES)"
Scientific Paper
Pages 55-61

Moe Sato, Satoko Okubayashi, Sachiko Sukigara, Masanori Sato
PDF (388 kB)

A Comparison of Pigments Applied in an Original Painting by El Greco and in a Copy by an Anonymous Follower
Technical Paper
Pages 49-54

Anabelle Križnar, Marina del Valme Muñoz, F. de la Paz, Miguel Angel Respaldiza, Mercedes Vega
PDF (328 kB)

Sustainable Use of Coatings in Museums and Archives - Some Critical Observations
Scientific Paper
Pages 39-48

Jean Tétreault
PDF (88 kB)

Were Wall Paintings in Unterferlach and Feistritz an der Drau Carried out by the Older Villach Workshop? Analysis of Materials and Techniques
Scientific Paper
Pages 29-38

Anabelle Križnar
PDF (538 kB)

Spectral Characterisation of Ancient Wooden Artefacts with the Use of Traditional IR Techniques and ATR Device: A Methodological Approach
Technical Paper
Pages 23-28

Marcello Picollo, Eleonora Cavallo, Nicola Macchioni, Olivia Pignatelli, Benedetto Pizzo, Iilaria Santoni
PDF (373 kB)

Characterization of Pigment-Binding Media Stsyems - Comparison of Non-Invasive In-Situ Reflection FTIR with Transmission FTIR Microscopy
Technical Paper
Pages 10-22

Wilfried Vetter, Manfred Schreiner
PDF (633 kB)

ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Magnetic Tape Materials
Technical Paper
Pages 2-9

Elena Gómez Sánchez, Stefan Simon, Lars-Christian Koch, Albrecht Wiedmann, Tobias Weber, Maurice Mengel
PDF (297 kB)

Vol. 7, 2010:

Micro-spectroscopy: a Powerful Tool to Understand Deterioration
Scientific Paper
Pages 158-164

David Thickett, Boris Pretzel
PDF (243 kB)

Lithol Red Salts: Characterization and Deterioration
Scientific Paper
Pages 147-157

Jens Stenger, Eeugene E. Kwan, Katherine Eremin, Scott Speakman, Dan Kirby, Heather Stewart, Shaw G. Hunag, Alan R. Kennedy, Richard Newman, Narayan Khandekar
PDF (809 kB)

Characterization of Airborne Particles in the Baroque Hall of the National Library in Prague
Scientific Paper
Pages 141-146

Ludmila Andělová, Jiří Smolík, Lucie Ondráčková, Jakub Ondráček, Susana López-Aparicio, Terje Grøntoft, Jerzy Stankiewicz
PDF (367 kB)

Derivation of a Model for the Calculation of Impact Loads of Air Pollutants to Paintings in Microclimate Frames
Scientific Paper
Pages 132-140

Terje Grøntoft
PDF (195 kB)

The Inherent Acidic Characteristics of Silk, Part II - Weighted Silks
Scientific Paper
Pages 126-131

Paul Garside, Paul Wyeth, X. Zhang
PDF (62 kB)

Sensor system for detection of harmful environments for pipe organs (SENSORGAN)
Scientific Paper
Pages 116-125

C.J. Bergsten, M. Odlyha, S. Jakiela, J. Slater, A. Cavicchioli, D.L.A. de Faria, A. Niklasson, J.-E. Svensson, L. Bratasz, D. Camuffo, A. della Valle, F. Baldini, R. Falciai, A. Mencaglia, F. Senes
PDF (423 kB)

Artificial Yellow Pigments: Production and Characterization through Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis
Scientific Paper
Pages 108-115

Claudia Pelosi, Giorgia Agresti, Ulderico Santamaria, Elisabetta Mattei
PDF (433 kB)

Packaging of Museum Objects: Criteria and Test Methods for Plastic Film Selection
Technical Paper
Pages 102-107

Johannes Bergmair, Michael Krainz, Hemma Fritz
PDF (330 kB)

Air Quality Assessment in Cultural Heritage Institutions Using EWO Dosimeters
Scientific Paper
Pages 96-101

Susana López-Aparicio, Terje Grøntoft, Elin Dahlin
PDF (324 kB)

Parchment Ageing Study: New Methods Based on Thermal Transport and Shrinkage Analysis
Scientific Paper
Pages 87-95
A. Riccardi, F. Mercuri, S. Paoloni, U. Zammit, M. Marinelli, F. Scudieri

PDF (314 kB)

Test for Compatibility with Organic Heritage materials - A Proposed Procedure
Scientific Paper
Pages 78-86
Matija Strlič, Irena Kralj Cigić, Alenka Možir, David Thickett, Gerrit de Bruin, Jana Kolar, May Cassar

PDF (216 kB)

Synchrotron-radiation Microtomography for the Non-destructive Structural Evaluation of Bowed Stringed Instruments
Technical Paper
Pages 71-77
Luigi Rigon, Erik Vallazza, Fulvia Arfelli, Renata Longo, Diego Dreossi, Anna Bergamaschi, Bernd Schmidt, Rongchang Chen, Maria Assunta Cova, Roberto Perabò, Marco Fioravanti, Lucia Mancini, Ralf Hendrik Menk, Nicola Sodini, Giuliana Tromba, Franco Zanini

PDF (245 kB)

Measurement of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Microclimate Frames for Paintings
Scientific Paper
Pages 59-70
Susana López-Aparicio, Terje Grøntoft, Marianne Odlyha, Elin Dahlin, Peter Mottner, David Thickett, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Norbert Schmidbauer, Mikkel Scharff

PDF (460 kB)

A museum storage area: microclimate and air quality short-term monitoring programme
Short Communication
Pages 55-58
Elisabetta Giani, Annamaria Giovagnoli, Maria Pia Nugari

PDF (123 kB)

The Protective Role of Titanium Dioxide Pigments on Pictorial Artworks in Contaminated Indoor Environments
Full paper
Pages 48-54
Zoe Eirini Papliaka, Nils Wendland, Evangelia A. Varella

PDF (404 kB)

Fungal Deterioration of historical Textiles and Approaches for their Control in Egypt
Technical paper
Pages 40-47
Omar Abdel-Kareem

PDF (131 kB)

The A-Bios System for Air Purification from Biological Contaminants in the Indoor Environment
Short communication
Pages 35-39
Corrado Fanelli, Flavia Pinzari, Paola Valenti, Piero Colaizzi, Slaven Zjalic, Massimo Reverberi

PDF (185 kB)

Measurement of the Fungal Deteriorating Potential in the Dust of Indoor Environment
Short communication
Pages 29-43
Flavia Pinzari, Vanja Cialei, Nicoletta Barbabietola

PDF (153 kB)

Watercolour Identification Based on Machine Vision Analysis
Technical paper
Pages 22-28
Vassiliki Kokla, Alexandra Psarrou, Vassilis Konstantinou

PDF (525 kB)

Characeterization of Some Orange and Yellow Organic and Fluorescence Pigments by Raman Spectroscopy
Scientific paper
Pages 14-21
Alain Colombini, Delphine Kaifas

PDF (193 kB)

Far Infrared Spectroscopy in the Field of Cultural Heritage
Technical paper
Pages 8-13
Elsebeth L. Kendix, Silvia Prati, Rocco Mazzeo, Edith Joseph, Giorgia Sciutto, Concezio Fagnano

PDF (273 kB)

Integrated Analytical Techniques for the Characterization of Painting Materials in Two South American Polychrome Sculptures
Technical paper
Pages 1-7
Blanca A. Gomez, Sara D. Parera, Gabriela Siracusano, Marta S. Maier

PDF (412 kB)

Vol. 6, 2009:

An FTIR-Based Exploration of the Effects of Wet Cleaning Treatments on Artists’ Acrylic Emulsion Paint Films
Technical paper
Pages 186-195
Bronwyn Ormsby, Elina Kampasakali, Costanza Miliani, Tom Learner

PDF (490 kB)

Experimental and Computer Simulation Approach to Investigating the Environmental Performance of a Rare Books Archive
Scientific paper
Pages 180-185
Jae D. Chang, Bryan Falk

PDF (642 kB)

Surface Finishes and Materials: Fibre-Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy (FORS) Problems in Cultural Heritage Diagnostics
Technical paper
Pages 174-179
Tommaso Poli, Alice Elia, Oscar Chiantore

PDF (519 kB)

Painting and Mortars from Villa Adriana, Tivoli (Rome, Italy)
Technical paper
Pages 169-173
Paola Fermo, Eleonora Delnevo, Mariette de Vos, Martina Andreoli

PDF (254 kB)

An Investigation of the Palette and Techniques of some High Medieval Codices by Raman Microscopy
Technical paper
Pages 163-168
Pietro Baraldi, Giulia Moscardi, Paolo Bensi, Maurizio Aceto, Lorenzo Tassi

PDF (212 kB)

Analysis and Treatment of a Painting by Kees van Dongen: FTIR and ELISA as Complementary Techniques in the Analysis of Art Materials
Scientific paper
Pages 151-162
Philip A. Klausmeyer, Rita P. Albertson, Madelyn R. Schmidt, Robert T. Woodland, Morwenna Blewett

PDF (605 kB)

Imaging FTIR Spectroscopic Investigations of Wood: Paint Interface of Aged Polychrome Art Objects
Technical paper
Pages 145-150
Falk Gruchow, Susanne Machill, Steffen Thiele, Christoph Herm, Rainer Salzer

PDF (329 kB)

Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy (ATR/FTIR) and Scanning Probe Microscopy of Parchment
Scientific paper
Pages 138-144
Marianne Odlyha, C. Theodorakopoulos, J. de Groot, Laurent Bozec, Michael Horton

PDF (619 kB)

Curve-fitting Micro-ATR-FTIR Studies of the Amide I and II Bands of Type I Collagen in Archaeological Bone Materials
Scientific paper
Pages 129-137
Céline Chadefaux, Anne-Solenn Le Hô, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Ina Reiche

PDF (239 kB)

Temperature and humidity Considerations for the Preservation of Organic Collections - the Isoperm Revisited
Full paper
Pages 122-128
Tom Strang, David Grattan

PDF (150 kB)

The Examination of Drawings by Georges Seurat Using Fourier Transform Infrared Micro-spectroscopy (Micro-FTIR)
Technical paper
Pages 118-121
Chris McGlinchey, Karl Buchberg

PDF (147 kB)

Composition of Pigments on Human Bones Found in Argentina Studied with Micro-Raman Spectrometry and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Full paper
Pages 112-117
Larysa Darchuk, Elzbieta A. Stefaniak, Cristina Vázquez, Oscar M. Palacios, Anna Worobiec, René Van Grieken

PDF (471 kB)

In-Situ Raman Spectroscopic Characterisation of Polymenrs Used in Past Conservation treatments
Full paper
Pages 107-111
Norman H. Tennent, Joost Caen, Patrick Courtney, Enrique Lozano Diz

PDF (241 kB)

Assessing Indoor Lead Corrosion Using Raman Spectroscopy during Electrochemical Reduction
Full paper
Pages 101-106
Marie-Claude Bernard, Virginia Costa, Suzanne Joiret

PDF (241 kB)

From Beckmann to Baselitz - Towards and Improved Micro-Identification of Organic Pigments in Paintings of 20th Century Art
Full paper
Pages 89-100
Karin Lutzenberger, Heike Stege

PDF (566 kB)

Raman and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectra of 7-Hydroxyflavone and 3',4'-Dihydroxyflavone
Technical paper
Pages 81-88
Maria Vega Cañamares, John R. Lombardi, Marco Leona

PDF (281 kB)

Classification of Synthetic Organic Pigments by Multivariate Data Analysis of FTIR Spectra
Full paper
Pages 75-80
Anke Schäning, Kurt Varmuza, Manfred Schreiner

PDF (253 kB)

The Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Tool for Historic Silk Artefacts
Full paper
Pages 68-74
Emma Richardson, Paul Garside

PDF (223 kB)

Towards a Routine Methodology for Assessing the Condition of Historic Silk
Full paper
Pages 60-67
Jeongjin Kim, Paul Wyeth

PDF (231 kB)

Emission Rates of Volatile Organic Compounds from Paper
Full paper
Pages 53-59
Olivier Ramalho, Anne-Laurence Dupont, Céline Egasse, Agnes Lattuati-Derieux

PDF (593 kB)

Paint Investigation of Altar and Pulpit in the Church of St. Mary, Vigala, Estonia
Technical paper
Pages 43-52
Signe Vahur, Kriste Sibul, Pia Ehasalu, Väino Sammelselg, Ivo Leito

PDF (1200 kB)
Supplementary information available here (1870 kB).

An Unusual White Pigment in La Verna Sanctuary Frescoes: an Analysis with Micro-Raman, FTIR, XRD and UV-VIS-NIR FORS
Technical paper
Pages 38-42
Lara Boselli, Samuele Ciattini, Monica Galeotti, Maria Rosa Lanfranchi, Cristiana Lofrumento, Marcello Picollo, Angela Zoppi

PDF (453 kB)

Micro-FTIR and Micro-Raman Study of Paints Used by Sam Francis
Full paper
Pages 27-37
Michel Bouchard, Rachel Rivenc, Carrie Menke, Tom Learner

PDF (738 kB)

Towards the Establishment of a Raman Database of Early European Porcelain
Technical paper
Pages 22-26
Paola Ricciardi, Philippe Colomban, Bruno Fabbri, Véronique Milande

PDF (163 kB)

1064 nm Dispersive Raman Micro-Spectroscopy for the In-Situ Identification of Organic Red Colorants
Full paper
Pages 10-21
Catherine M. Schmidt, Karen A. Trentelman

PDF (594 kB)

Combination of FTIR and X-Rays Synchrotron-Based Micro-Imaging Techniques for the Study of Ancient Paintings. A Practical Point of View
Pages 1-9
M. Cotte, E. Checroun, V. Mazel, V. A. Solé, P. Richardin, Y. Taniguchi, P. Walter, J. Susini

PDF (944 kB)

Vol. 5, 2008:

The Inherent Acid Characteristics of Aged Silk
Full paper
Pages 41-46
Jeongjin Kim, Xiaomei Zhang, Paul Wyeth

PDF (300 kB)

The Use of Lasers for the Removal of Shellac from Wood
Full paper
Pages 36-40
Eleni Maria Aligizaki, Kristalia Melessanaki, Anastasia Pournou

PDF (213 kB)

A Re-evaluation of the Use of Maximum Moisture Content Data for Assessing the Condition of Waterlogged Archaeological Wood
Full paper
Pages 29-35
Glenn McConnachie, Rod Eaton, Mark Jones

PDF (539 kB)

A Portable Micro-Fading Spectrometer for Versatile Lightfastness Testing
Full paper
Pages 17-28
Andrew Lerwill, Joyce H. Townsend, Haida Liang, Jacob Thomas, Stephen Hackney

PDF (676 kB)

Conservation of a Rare Painted Ancient Egyptian Textile Object from the Egyptian Museum in Kairo
Technical paper
Pages 9-16
Omar Abdel-Kareem, Yasin Zidan, Nadia Lokma, Hanaa Ahmed

PDF (230 kB)

FTIR Analysis of Naturaly Aged FeCl3 and CuCl2-Doped Cellulose Papers
Full paper
Pages 1-8
Paolo Calvini, Maise Silveira

PDF (539 kB)

Vol. 4, 2007:

Stabilisation of Iron Gall Ink: Aqueous Stabilisation with Magnesium Phytate
Full paper
Pages 19-24
Jana Kolar, Alenka Možir, Matija Strlič, Gerrit de Bruin, Boris Pihlar

PDF (337 kB)

Computer-Assisted Infrared Analysis of Heterogeneous Works of Art
Full paper
Pages 13-17
Paolo Calvini and Stefano Vassalo

PDF (197 kB)

The Ronald Reed archive at the John Rylands University Library
Pages 9-12
Ira Rabin, George Brooke, John Hodgson, Manolis Pantos and John Prag

PDF (864 kB)

Assessing the risks of radiographing culturally significant textiles
Full paper
Pages 1-7
Paul Garside and Sonia O'Connor

PDF (423 kB)

Vol. 3, 2006:

The concept of mixed-control mechanisms and its applicability to paper degradation studies
Full paper
Pages 1-4
Andrzej Barański, J. M. Łagan, Tomasz Łojewski

PDF (210 kB)

Identification of historical ink ingredients using pyrolysis-GC-MS. A model study
Full paper
Pages 6-10
Yeghis Keheyan, L Giulianelli

PDF (380 kB)

Two case studies of unsaturated polyester composite art objects
Full paper
Pages 11-19
Ulla Knuutinen, Paivi Kyllonen

PDF (408 kB)

St. Lorenzo basilica in Milan: Integral approach to characterization of historical mortars
Technical paper
Pages 21-26
Laura Rampazzi, Roberto Bugini

PDF (336 kB)

The conservation of a wooden Graeco-Roman coffin box
Technical paper
Pages 27-33
Y. Zidan, T. Handoussa, H. Hosni, N. M. N. El Hadidi

PDF (344 kB)

The Historical Documents at the John Rylands University Library: The Reed Dead Sea Scrolls Collection
Pages 35-40
G. J. Brooke

PDF (238 kB)

Imaging TOF-SIMS and NANOSIMS studies of barite-celestite particles in grounds from paintings by Van Gogh
Full paper
Pages 41-50
Beatrice Marino, Jaap J. Boon, Ella Hendriks, François Horréard, François Hillion

PDF (786 kB)

Optical and digital holographic interferometry applied in art conservation structural diagnosis
Pages 51-57
Vivi Tornari

PDF (621 kB)

Paper puncture tester: a new instrument for facile evaluation of paper strength
Short communication
Pages 58-62
V. Bukovský, M. Trnková, I. Kuka, A. Marková, M. Maršala

PDF (153 kB)

Characterisation of individual atmospheric particles within the royal museum of the Wawel castle in Cracow, Poland
Full paper
Pages 63-68
A. Worobiec, E. A. Stefaniak, V. Kontzova, L. Samek, P Karaszkiewicz, K. Van Meel, R. Van Grieken

PDF (268 kB)

The effect of paper degradation on uncertainty of determination of initial lignin content
Short communication
Pages 63-72
S. Katuščak, M. Polovka, M. Vrska, R. Tino, M. Jablonsky

PDF (162 kB)

Vol. 2, 2005:

Kinetic approach to degradation of paper. In situ FTIR transmission studies on hydrolysis and oxidation
Full paper
Pages 1-12
Joanna Łojewska, A. Lubańska, Tomasz Łojewski, Paveł Miśkowiec, Leonard Marian Proniewicz

PDF (652 kB)

The use of halides for stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper – the pronounced effect of cation
Full paper
Pages 13-18
Jasna Malešič, Jana Kolar, Matija Strlič, Slovenko Polanc

PDF (273 kB)

Degradation of lime wood painting supports
Full paper
Pages 19-29
Mihaela Carmen Popescu, Yusaku Sakata, Cristina Maria Popescu, Akioshi Osaka, Cornelia Vasile

PDF (771 kB)

Measuring crystallinity of laser-cleaned silk by X-ray diffraction
Full paper
Pages 31-37
Craig J. Kennedy, Karin von Lerber, Tim J. Wess

PDF (312 kB)

Vol. 1, 2004:

Evaluation of protective glazing systems
Pages 1-8
Hannelore Römich

PDF (468 kB)

The tin mercury inlay of a cabinet manufactured by Hendrik van Soest: A case study
Full paper
Pages 9-14
Ivan De Ryck, Annemie Adriaens, Patrick Storme, Freddy Adams

PDF (417 kB)

Multianalytical characterisation of a variety of ultramarine pigments
Full paper
Pages 15-21
Vladan Desnica, Krešimir Furić, Manfred Schreiner
PDF (140 kB)

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry –
A versatile tool for ultra-micro analysis of objects of cultural heritage

Pages 23-34
Alex von Bohlen
PDF (431 kB)

What is the pH of alkaline paper?
Full paper
Pages 35-47
Matija Strlič, Jana Kolar, Drago Kočar, Tjaša Drnovšek, Vid-Simon Šelih, Robert Susič, Boris Pihlar
PDF (472 kB)