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e Preservation Science
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Published since 2004
Oslica 1B
SI-1295 Ivan─Źna Gorica
F +386 1 78 76 334
m o r a n a rtd d.o.o.
Morana RTD company is a research intensive
micro-company, which specialises in the
development of applications for micro-
destructive or non-destructive identification and
characterisation of materials.

Morana Services:
- development and use of specialised NIR
applications. Current applications include
Identification of plastics (developed within the
7th FP PopArt) and Characterisation of paper
(Degree of polymerisation/average molar mass,
pH, mechanical properties, date)
- characterisation of cellulosic materials using
Size exclusion chromatography, determination
of the Degree of polymerisation, Colour analysis
- evaluation of thermal and photo-stability of

Morana RTD is the home of e-Preservation
Science, a web based scientific journal with free
online access. Published since 2004.

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